השער החדש

The new gate 

A world of experiences

As its name implies,

In order for the Christians to not to be forced to travel through the Jaffa Gate or through the Nablus Gate,

Sultan Abd al-Hamid has agreed in 1889 to break through a new gate. As a tribute to honor, The New Gate was also named after the Sultan.

The New Gate is located at the western end of the northern wall, at the highest topographic point of the city wall, at an altitude of 790 m’ above sea level.

A short and walk along The New Gate’s street offers a at the "Collège de Freier" School of the French Brotherhood.

 Also, the street offers a variety of businesses, shops, cafes and bars for your enjoyment, including Armenian ceramics workshops.

* From- Jerusalem one square kilometer, by Ami Meitav

How to get there?

The complex is located on New Gate Street.  
Free parking: 19:00 the Safra Square parking lot, next to the complex.